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Along with all that, there is also a short flag-specific video, explaining the history of that flag. Gedge focuses on geography and not geopolitics, which means it is more about the natural formations of Earth. His latest video, for example, is about coastal erosion and the methods we can use to reduce it.

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The previous video talked about the causes of water pollution. Through live demonstrations, infographics and illustrations, and simple language, Gedge is able to turn complex geographical information into easy-to-understand videos. Nothing comes close to Seterra as a simple geographical game to find locations on a political map.

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The USA is best covered in the app, with maps for states, capitals, original colonies, cities, rivers, geophysical regions, and even the civil war. Each continent has maps to test your knowledge of its major physical features, and some other countries have extra material too like the USA. Additionally, Seterra provides printable PDFs of most of these maps so you can hand them out in a classroom, or simply test yourself against your friends as a party game.

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Seterra has everything for free on the internet, but the mobile apps have a few restrictions in the free version. Much like the Spelling Bee tests spelling, National Geographic hosts an annual competition for students to test geographical knowledge.

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There are 15 rounds of quizzes, with five questions in each round. Each question has multiple-choice answers and a time limit.

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  7. Once you pick your answer, the app takes you to the correct location on a map. How will you do on the Flowers Knowledge Quiz? Take this test to find out how sexy you are!

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