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I fell hopelessly in love at first sight while on vacation.

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The sex was great at first, but deminished rapidly after the vows were exchanged. Gradually, she asked for and received dispensation from cuddling in bed I generate too much heat , from snuggling on the couch she feels claustrophobic , from holding hands my hands sweat , and from hugs they invade her personal space.

She was never a big kisser No, halitosis is not a problem on either side. I did anything and everything to make her happy and was always quick with praise, flowers, and gifts. I took on most of the housework. At several points along the way, I asked if I was doing something wrong or what I could do better or different, but was always assured that everything would be well if I just stopped hugging, kissing, touching, and cuddling. I wanted so much to believe this, that I stilled the inner voice screaming alert messages by telling myself I was just being insecure.

We had a child, and she became a stay-at-home mom. There was no financial stress from this, though.

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Then the strategically timed bickering started. Sex all but stopped. One day she started one of these fights about the lawn not being mowed in the evening and got all worked up. I reminded her that I had mowed the lawn that day. She still stormed off to bed. I finally tweaked.

I asked her before she could pretend she was asleep what was going on and addressed the constant bickering and the fact that sex was now down to once every other month and then only after begging -no response. The strategically timed bickering stopped but the migraines started — every day. I was in denial. I thought she had a brain tumor and had her see specialists, but nothing helped. She continued to reassure me that the marriage was fine and that she would love to have sex, but for the migraines.

Then one day after telling me she was having a terrible migraine her sister called. Finally, I forced myself to face reality.


I confronted my spouse. I researched this problem, and found several clinical and homeopathic approaches. She refused hormone replacement therapy HRT due to the increased cancer risk. Even variations on HRT and homeopathic methods were rejected for the possible increase in cancer risk she assumed there must be a cancer risk.

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She told me if I must have it sex that I should make a date a week in advance, so she could prepare herself, and get it over with as soon as possible. Like she was being asked to run the gauntlet.

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The next day, I tearfully told her that I could not accept the life of a married celibate, and that sex under her conditions was more like rape or prostitution or masturbation with someone else present. I told her that after ending sex and all other forms of intimacy, our marriage was now a desert of lonliness for me. I brought up divorce.

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She made suggestions for improving things. I was always quick to bring flowers, gifts, praise, but I redoubled my efforts for I so wanted to believe this was fixable. I followed every suggestion and researched new ones.

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Eventually, we tried again. The sex was worse than no sex at all. I felt so dirty, ashamed, and guilty. Worse, it poisoned my memories of happier times, as she clearly was faking her participation in a manner that caused me to doubt if she had ever felt any joy in sex wth me. I spent the next 20 months in a terrible depression. I now doubt if any of my happy memories from my marriage are real or just my wishful thinking.

I stopped trying to initiate sex, and cringed when she would suggest it. Our marriage is in a worsening cycle. I feel rejected, unworthy, and unloved, so I become distant and surly. She gets defensive, and rationalizes the situation as my fault. For a while I tried to think of my wife as the maid or a really efficient nanny.

Unfortunately, when I looked at her, my heart would break all over again, and I remember. But for our child I would have left long ago. For an unsolicited carress, or a joyful and spontaneous kiss from her, I would bow down and kiss her feet in gratitude and forgiveness. But I accept now that this is not going to happen. I can not live in grief for the next 20 years. I accept that this will alienate my child from me, and that I will be ostracized by our friends, and that I will suffer great economic hardship for many years.

But it must be. I hope this wall of text is not too depressing for you. When I read back through it, I weep all over again. Intense and disturbing. T Daddy Darling 68 Katja is 19 and ready to exercise her right to have sex.

Self-confessed sex addict, 30, who's slept with 200 men, goes celibate after becoming a mother

Daddy won't do her, so our sweet Danish Babe goes after everyone close to her, from her step - mother, teacher, and her teenage boyfriend who she pretends is her Dad! Yea, more great trash from the master Joe Sarno - BA. L Dagmar and Company 72 Sexy whore tries to marry, but her clients object! Nice little warning film of the dangers of infidelity brought to you from a bygone age - BA. Great stuff, part docu, part re-enactments! Worth owning for the title alone! Gotta' go! In the big city she begins to turn tricks because she is too young to get a job.

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This highly rated, envelope pushing, Morality Play, was absolutely heartbreaking and tragic to the general public when it aired almost 30 years ago and left quite an impact. Which means Total Hilarious Camp to us today! Rare Exploitation T. B27 Delinquent Daughters 44 High-school girl offs herself. Investigation time.

Natural selection? Morality Play Exploiter! L Delizia 87 Stars Tina Arabella Cansino as a nude model who gets naked through-out the film what else is a nude model good for besides Funny dance scenes and drop dead gorgeous Valentine Demy with loads of gratuitous nudity of course. Lots better than "Dirty Dancing" too unless that teen crap is your bag, if so, I feel sorry for you Dated, and not very funny but interesting with a few laughs.

Nice how making fun of people's differences used to be comical and not a Federal Offense. Now- everyone is too sensitive L Divorcee, The 69 Marsha Jordan catches hubby making a racket with another broad so she files for a divorce and starts going at it with other men - BA. T Doctor's Wives 71 Virtually forgotten gem, loaded with sleaze, gore and nudity that manages to distance itself from typical Hollywood films of that time with it's seemingly obsessive need to be trashy for the sake of trashiness.

Which makes it a classic BA. Watch out for the "Booby Traps"! Lots of wacky sexual situations and nudity in this hard-to-find sleaze classic!

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Fanny filming herself in the throes of ecstasy! Demolition rollerball derby with America's Savage Super Vixens in heated action! The notorious blue movie filmed in featuring the one and only Marilyn Monroe in gyrating action!