Real Guns: Rugers M77 Hawkeye African Series Parts I and II (Article Reprint) (

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Sure would like to be able to read the serial on the ivory gripped engraved Single Six and know who engraved it.

[PDF] Real Guns: Remington s Model 700 BDL 50th Anniversary Edition (Article Reprint) (Real GunsTM

Very early Single Six; my guess on engraver is Prudhomme. Any opinions? For this WheelGunWednesday , let's celebrate a revolver that's held its place in the Ruger lineup for 66 years—the Single-Six. This a very rare artists rendition of the Ruger No. Note the Weaver rings. All pictures of Prototypes with scopes are in Lyman Tru Locks. This picture was used in 2 early magazine articles. Nearly has to be either X-2 or X-5, as I know what the other 5 prototypes are, assuming there are only 7 prototypes. I do not know of any other articles this drawing was featured in.

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It is to be a 25" A weight barrel, Alex Henry forearm and sights. Limited to rifles. My long time friend, and the man who wrote the Ruger No. Clayton is being honored and recognized with this special rifle.

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Joe's new favorite cartridge is the Ackley Improved. Over a year ago, Joe asked me "Lee, why do I am calling it the Joe Clayton Classic! If you read the attached article, I would venture the AI with a 25" barrel will very closely match the 7mm RM with a 24" barrel. With a lot less recoil too! This will be a Classic Sporting Arms Exclusive, so check out www. Jason made me do it! I have have always been impressed withe the people I deal with at Lipsey's, but to visit the office and warehouse was a real treat.

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Thanks, Lauren and Jason. If you're a fan of the platform or simply enjoy vintage rifle stories, this one's for you! Check out more Lipsey's Exclusives at www. Peter Barrett's 21 Club rifle; a 1B in Remington. Ebooks

He edited two books- which were repr This rifle was not engraved by A. White, as all the other 21 Club No. Jump to.

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Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or Phone Password Forgotten account? See more of Classic Sporting Arms on Facebook. Log In. Forgotten account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. My latest project. Redid with my English Red method. Then JES rebore to 35 Whelen.

See more. Talked to Mr. Newton tonight, very good conversation and have always I recon I might make the jump, but gonna sleep on it for tonight!! Man is there a bunch of information out there on the No. I will sleep on it and go from there! Dale Moser.

real guns ruger s m77 hawkeye african series parts i and ii article reprint realguns com Manual

Information about Page Insights data. The box labels, a la the Boddington African Series.

A Kepplinger with the instructions. How cool is that! Not for Sale. Classic Sporting Arms shared a link. Classic Sporting Arms shared a post. Three friends and all sporting Ruger No. As we celebrate the Bicentennial of the Bill of Rights, evidence has been discovered that shows the Second Amendment was prompted by British plans to disarm each and every American. First I measured the trigger pull out of the box.

After some buffing of parts did nothing more either, I did some internet research. Then I cut a coil. It did nothing. Close enough. I didn't care for the sound the bolt made when working it, so I after some research, I worked the bolt somewhere around times. It didn't do much, it maybe was a little slicker, but still made the annoying sound; so I did some polishing with some fine grit sandpaper and buffing compound. I like it much better now. I didn't have time to develop loads for both guns, so I bought a couple boxes of factory loads, go it on paper, shot a decent group, and worked on the CVA and.

I was in a rush with working up a load, setting up two stands, and celebrating Thanksgiving with my sister paying a surprise visit, so I didn't put the calipers to it, but it was pretty decent. Also, the recoil was more than I expected. Not brutal, by any means, just really snappy. I also found it very easy to sweep my off hand as I fought for balance on southern Ohio sidehills while deer hunting with that short barrel. It did fit inside my blind really well, but it also rang my ears a bit with the brake, which I should have removed when actually hunting.

I noticed the blast kind of knocked off some black specks on the inside of my blind after the shot.

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I was successful, nothing noteworthy on effectiveness, but it is a really cool rifle, and I love being able to use a bolt action in Ohio. I've been researching what I'm going to do on a more permanent basis, and am thinking I'm going to attempt to build something up on the stock and paint it myself- which will be a first for me. So, I just installed a 1. I've never been a fan of those big ugly shifter knob things, but this one isn't too bad. One of the things I've done in the last 10 or 15 years, is move to all stainless guns whenever possible. This one wasn't available that way, so I'm going to ship the barreled action off to Mahovsky's Metalife next.

While watching a video on here the other day, I saw a table full of guns in. Start at about here.. At any rate, I learned that there are special versions available from him. Had I known that, I'd have gotten it in stainless with a slightly longer barrel to start with. Reason: clarification. Good info.

The stainless would be my choice in the 16'' , they should have went with 20'' instead of 22'' -IMO. I use pipe insulation to get my cheek weld the way I want it - lowes depot has it cheap. Thanks for the info. That's about the best option in stainless , other than the exclusive one at the Michigan dealer, but the price on those jumps up quite a bit. I am a lefty and wanted stainless, so that was the only option.

Randy told me Ruger would never make a stainless lefty only because he never asked them to The trigger out of the box is better than the Ruger after an hour of trigger work. I like the cva's but i've got one similar. With all the 44mag shooters in the world I bet ruger could sell a tractor trailer load of the the little carbines chambered in 44mag..

Just saying. It's all this guys fault , our own North 61 and sonny his sonny. I'm subscribed to North61's channel and his boy put that Bushmaster to work on a big bull moose. Subscribed myself and yes the son unit filled the freezer with the little ruger. I really like Greg's singing - he'll just bust out an old mountain man song while running a boat up the river - hiking a trail or driving the family around in the wilderness.

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