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Last writing spree of my Tokyo life, then back to California in the fall! I do have two big projects that I'd like to finish. Novel Novel! It's so rainy here in Tokyo today. I hear that the rainy season will come early this year, and I don't suppose it will leave for a while. I would love to email a tree. And the watchful bonsai!

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Love her, love music education, and Dolly. While I support her words on this topic, too, the title is sensationalized and misleading, which I don't support. Travelstories from Japan! I made it. Whatever you want.

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I have to warn people. So, what do you want to talk about today? Aller vers. Sections de cette Page. Voir plus de contenu de Patricia Willers Writes sur Facebook. Plus tard. The Tokyo Millions. It has been a long while since I was able to write, and a short while since I returned from Tokyo to northern California 1 week! A few people have asked about my biggest takeaway, and certainly….

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I think I see a visit to Saskatchewan in my future. Canada's most inconvenient bookstore is a 'treasure' on the Prairies - Macleans.

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Tucked away off the highway in Perdue, Sask. Neither approach is necessarily right or wrong — but it has to match your needs. Equally, if they show interest, remember that this is a two way street — just like dating. You are not required to jump into bed with someone just because YOU were the one to initiate conversation. Maybe the dinner goes well, and conversation flows.

Even if they seem really keen, sudden ghosting can and does happen — a lot. These are the catfish of the querying world. They are the exotic princes who are totally in love with you, and if only you could wire them your life savings they can come and live with you forever. Reputable agents will not charge upfront fees.

Reputable agents do not charge you for editing. Be absolutely sure you are not querying schmagents. If an agent ever asks you for money upfront — run a mile. And shout it from the rooftops on the sites dedicated to protecting authors from scammers e. Also, check out this excellent blog post from Rights of Writers to help you avoid falling for the top six scams targeting writers.

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So, now you know what to look for in an agent, and what to steer clear of, WHERE are you going to find these potential literary soulmates? Manuscript Wish List — A list of what agents are currently looking for. Query Tracker — designed to help you keep track of sent queries, but also great for finding agents who rep your genre. Which tends to bug us, quite a bit. We literally wrote our own stories. We gave life to characters with a tipitty tap of our fingers, and cackled maniacally as we erased whole lives from existence with CTL X.

We like control. Why do you think there are so many resources out there for querying authors? Tools for tracking your queries, whole sites devoted to listing agents and their preferences, pitching contests on Twitter, blogs, tips, forums all devoted to the process? They help us to try to gain some sense of control.

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The harsh truth is, there is very little you can control once you launch that bundle off the mountaintop. You are the master of your queries, until you send them. This can be disastrous, especially if they send to every possible agent all at once, leaving nowhere to go once they finally accept that more work is needed. Others never feel the work is good enough, and will revise, tweak, edit and curse at their manuscript until they grow old and die; unless someone snaps them out of it.

I am one of these.

Itchy & Scratchy & Marge

But for those who are worried they might be in the first camp, here are some questions to consider:. But is it as close to perfect as you can get it without industry help? Yes, sometimes they take an eye-wateringly long time to respond, if at all. But, most of my full requests actually came within days. Not just your mum, partner, friend, sister, cat etc etc though obviously their opinions are great to have too! Give yourself some distance, because with it comes objectivity, before doing that final read-through.

And we all want the agent we sign with to have been completely immersed in our words, right?

Competition Time!

But there are other ways to tell if you, as an author, are ready. Not just about the query process, but about agents in general. And the pros and cons of each? Authors are generally a pretty friendly bunch, and we love talking about writing and publishing. Even if an agent loves your book, it is highly likely they will want revisions.

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  • In no small part, this is because they need to be sure you are someone they can work with, someone who is open to making changes. Sometimes these changes will be obviously beneficial to the book as a whole, sometimes they may be changes that will make your book more marketable. We all dislike criticism when we start out. The first time I had to make revisions after feedback from a beta, I sat staring at my printed out pages, feeling like I was up against a wall.

    But by the time my agent called to offer, my mind was like an episode of Sherlock when it came to my manuscript anyway.

    When she made a suggestion, I could instantly see the parts of the book even the very sentences that ought to be changed, and the tendrils that connected those parts to other parts that would then need altering, and it was exciting. Her suggestions made my brain spark, and revision became a thing of possibility, not dread.