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The images represent actual product though color of the image and product may slightly differ. Was this information helpful to you? Yes No. Thank You for submitting your response. I have a young apple tree, that at planting three or four years ago, I placed a plastic guard around the trunk to prevent damage from small gnawing animals When I removed it recently I found a wound that appeared to be wet with sap, various insects and a large worm in a hole. I have decided to leave the guard off , clean out the rotting wood as best possible.

What else can I do? The worm could have been a borer, so an insecticide treatment to prevent that could be a good preventative measure. Also, engage in a good fertilization regimen. Can you think of a better material to use for this purpose? I have a large Chinese maple tree on my property. Is there anything I can do to save the tree which is as tall as a two story dwelling.

Are my other trees compromised? I live in a wooded area in the north east. I have a bradford pear that had a large branch break off from about two ft up bottom several yrs ago.

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Soft decay can be flaked out. I have cleaned it out before and sprayed with tree coat, but it is continuing. Would cementing it after cleaning soft decay out be good since water is not pouring in from an upper area? Help, this is such a great shade tree. My son topped it out after the large limb broke away and it quickly filled out again, but with lighter weighed limbs which has helped with preventing further breakage.

I have a live oak that the previous owner cut a 8 inch limb off and did not coat cut. It has rot started in the center of cut and is about 6 inches deep. How should I stop the rot and seal? Hello, we have a beautiful 60ft red oak, 5ft from our home in New Jersey. I just discovered only the outside of the tree was healing and started picking at the center of the wound only to find the core filled with termites. Please help, we have enjoyed the shade for many years. My flowering Cherry tree is about 20 years old and ft tall, two years ago, it started to sap during the spring and this year the bark around the trunk has started to crak and deeply split in several places.

The tree is very close to our house and and an area were our grandchildren usually play. Can we help this tree? We would like to save it, but worry about the children. About ten years ago it was hit by a tractor. The tree won the battle but it was wounded and now the wound has opened to see the inside hard wood chewed up and rotting. Since the hole is only about one foot by one foot, I want to close it up to keep pests out because an army of black ants was moving their larvae around inside until I sprayed.

Can I seal this hole with something if it appears the tree is healthy with no other way for moisture to get it? What do I do if anything and why is this happening? Removed dead limbs and branches about a year ago and treated for Iron Deficiency. Is it internal rot and if so, roughly how long before I should have tree removed? Should I plant something in front of this now or wait til old tree is out? I have a 80 year old Maple that lost a limb and the tree now has a whole that catches rain. The tree is rotting inside and fungi is growing outside.

I am concerned that the tree will die….. I lost a year old tree last year.

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What can we do to improve the trees health? We have a big hard maple in our front yard.

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  • It developed a big split and we had to have several limbs removed and the tree cabled and bolted. I climbed up in it and tried to clean it out, but was unable to reach all the way to the bottom of the cavity.

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    Fill it with a tar based prodict like Black Jack, with expanding foam Great Stuff , not fill it at all. My main concern is that with leaves, dirt etc. Any suggestions? Should I fill it? If so, with what? Thanks, Brian Backstrom. I just read your question about what to do about the hole in your tree.

    Cavity in Your Tree – Internal Decay

    I have the same problem with sugar maple that seems to be in good shape otherwise and would like to know the responses you received about what to do. The picture is of an Ash tree about feet high.

    Has major decay in the bottom. Tree forks at about 20 feet with both forks reaching the same height.

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    The tree is about 50 feet high and 2. Is there anything I can do to save it or from being hazardous? My 67yr old oak tree 30 ft. We noticed a large hole going down middle of trunk. A tree man drilled tiny holes in a few place to drain water. Scooped out the wet bar etc. Should I be concerned about it dying?

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