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Our Abalone Smudge Dish is the perfect piece to add to any home decor. One of the most fun! Really unique concept! Difficulty is really hard though. Otherwise great work! Kinda boring for me though. I do like the physics and the screen shake effects though! Broken World by Zerb Games No idea whats going on. Im turning into a ghost and bullets are flying everywhere.

Seems like an interesting idea but need some work. I would have liked it to move faster though. Nice job! Clone Runners by Cameron Fun game! I like the way it leaves you body where you died! Good work! Dance With Death by nvrogers Nice job!

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Good concept and graphics! Dead Zone by Carnivius Good graphics and cool concept.

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However I found it hard to avoid enemies. It would be nice if thier was some sort of indication when they were going to fire. Also I feel like the enemies were placed to close to the entraces.

Nice work though. Good graphics, sound, and story! I just wish it was longer. Also it took me a while to figure out how to turn into ghost mode. Looks really interesting though. Dearelict by Yal Nice 3d game.

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Super easy to get lost. A little like a murder mystery turned around. Cool concept! Desert Lands by Nallebeorn Looks really cool!. However soom rooms like most that I played were super laggy. Made it hard to play and eventually I just quit. Devil's Mansion by Joh Very interesting! I little hard to understand at first but cool game! EiD by Nocturne Great job!

One of the most polished games graphically! Would have liked some sound though. I really want to know how you did that seemless screen wrap! Everyone is Dead by Aviox Interesting concept.

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I think this game has some potential. EvoBio by felixpf No idea what I'm supposed to do. Looks interesting though. Had music, sound, decent graphics, and a good concept! Good job! Final Shelter by The M Fun game! I bit intensive for my computer. Nice graphics and lighting. Controls aren't set up ideally as it is hard to jump and shoot. Liked the graphics style. Game Engine Test by Misty Ok game.

Its in 3d so props for that. However controls were "floaty" and the player slid around a lot. The aiming was also constantly slowly moving upwards even if I wasn't moving the mouse. Graphics were poor but the 3d models were okay. Good game but I got stuck. Who doesn't like to set stuff on fire.

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Grave Trigger by Dark Good work! I really liked this game. Good music, graphics, concept. Mouse sensetivity was really low though. I like the way the plants move! Amazing graphics and cool concept.

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I hope to see you finish this game! I had an idea very close to this! I'm still gonna make mine inspired now. I little challenging but fun and interesting! Half Hearted by DocNogloff Great game! I like the concept. Fun too! Jumpship Cyrus by Brenbruyn, harukiya Great game! I really like the concept. The graphics are cool too! I like the perspective of the game. I like the pixel art cats! Good graphics!

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I had fun.