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This young monster from Detroit will soon be a world class drummer known by all, just like all my amazing drum monsters like Tommy Aldridge, Michael Cartellone, Mick Brown, Tommy Clufetos and all of them. Any setlist surprises in store for this tour? Any songs that sound different or particularly awesome with this band? Surely the intensity of my amazing music and live performances come as no suprize to real music lovers everywhere. I have SO many insane fun songs to perform that they all make the ultimate opening song and ultimate encore song. We can do no wrong! How do you decide on the opening song for each tour?

I let my personal cravings pick the songs I feel like playing at any given time. It does drive me nuts not to play them all!

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How do you calm down after a concert? I don't. The Limited edition of copies is bound in Indiana Walnut handmade paper by paper and print artist Andrea Peterson.

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The sheets are crumpled to soften, brush dyed and finally coated with a thin layer of shellac to seal the walnut. The book is housed in a cloth slipcase.

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Limited Edition. Centipede Press has just announced what we full expect to be a terrific edition of William Goldman's novel, Magic. We have a handful of copies on order, and don't expect them to last long, so don't hesitate to place your order. For those that wondered if the author could successfully work in other genres we are pleased to present this volume as ample evidence that Goldman could write a gripping novel of psychological horror.

The trope of a ventriloquist falling under the spell of his own alter-ego in the persona of his dummy is an old one. Originally published by Delacorte in , this new edition features all of the craftsmanship and attention to detail that Centipede Press customers have come to expect. In addition to the novel itself the book contains new artwork and a new introduction by Brian Evenson.

Limited to copies for sale, the book is bound in cloth, Smyth sewn, with a deckled edge, top-edge stain, ribbon marker, and custom printed endpapers. Each copy is signed by Brian Evenson and artist David Ho. We think The Best of Uncanny will be one of strongest anthologies this year, as well as one of the longest, at pages.

This is an enlivening, enlightening treasure for the magazine's readers and any fans of the genre.

Cat Scratch Fever

We're going to be closing down preorders for two Paul Tremblay signed limited editions in the next few days, so now's the perfect time to get your order in. Here are the specs for each of the limited editions:. We're happy to announce that next year we'll be publishing a mammoth collection, The Best of Elizabeth Bear , which will include a ton of previously uncollected stories, along with classics from throughout her career. From the start of her career, Elizabeth Bear has been one of the most distinctive voices in modern speculative fiction.

Campbell Award for Best New Writer. In the years since, she has produced an impressive array of standalone novels Undertow and multi-volume series The Eternal Sky Trilogy, The New Amsterdam Series , along with a steady stream of stories and novellas, the best of which are gathered in this generous, absolutely necessary volume. In between these bookends are more than two dozen carefully crafted tales that never fail to resonate beyond the final page. These are just a few of the complex pleasures contained in this singular collection.

Each of the remaining stories is a fully realized gem. Each one offers something new and unexpected.

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This is imaginative fiction in its purest, most highly developed form. Scalzi fans will find something here that appeals, no matter their feelings for the holiday. Reminder: Everyone who preorders A Very Scalzi Christmas will receive a free copy of the ebook when it's published. In the course of a varied and prolific career, the late Iain M. Banks produced some of the most memorable science fiction of the 20 th century. The heart of his achievement was a sequence of novels featuring his signature creation: The Culture.

The Culture is the designation for a vast conglomerate of advanced races populated by human, humanoid, and artificially intelligent entities. Its purpose: to intervene, often with unintended consequences, in the affairs of less developed civilizations. His story, which dominates the novel, proceeds along two narrative paths. His job: to travel to a remote star system currently drifting into political instability and make contact with a former colleague named Beychae. Eventually, the two narratives will intersect, culminating in a revelation both surprising and inevitable. This is science fiction as it should be written: flamboyant, endlessly inventive, and constantly, compulsively readable.

It is the clear product of a master storyteller who died too soon, leaving a vast, indelible impression behind.

The Booklist review for Caitlin R. Kiernan's huge gathering of Mythos tales, Houses Under the Sea , has just landed. In conjunction with the starred review the book received from Publishers Weekly , we suspect Booklist's coverage will sell more than a few copies to our distributors and large online retailers. We're only too happy to let you know that Aliette de Bodard's debut collection—which features a brand new novella—has received another strong review, this time from Booklist. Here's a bit of what they had to say about Of Wars, and Memories, and Starlight :.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon's The Labyrinth of the Spirits , the capstone to his series of interconnected novels known as The Cemetery of Forgotten Books , is almost ready to be sent to the printer, and we've opened general preordering on the title. Carlos' books are always a high point for us, from his incomparable writing to the qualtiy of materials and design we put into each book. Labyrinth is no different. If you want to see SubPress at its absolute best, preorder a copy.

Each of the four novels serves as both as both an independent narrative and a point of entry into the lives of a gallery of unforgettable characters, chief among them the Sempere family, booksellers eking out a living in the ravaged, war-torn city of Barcelona. Taken together, these four volumes form a kind of secret history of Barcelona, one dominated and symbolized by the eponymous Cemetery.

Zafon then sets that imaginary history against the larger history of a city—and country—torn by civil war and forced to endure nearly forty years of state sponsored terror under the Fascist regime of Francisco Franco. The resulting fusion of literature and politics, history and art, is one of the significant accomplishments of modern popular fiction.

The vast, complex narrative begins with a single event: the disappearance of Minister of Culture Mauricio Valls. It is a grim, often harrowing story, and Zafon brings it to life in riveting, unflinching fashion.

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On another, more personal level, these four books offer a profound and moving defense of the power of the imagination. It is also an indisputable masterpiece that is likely to endure—and speak to readers—for a very long time to come. Subterranean Press is proud to announce this deluxe limited edition, which will feature a fine paper 80 Finch , deluxe cloth, a sewn binding, and be printed in two colors throughout.

Because we hadn't received any orders from distributors or our large online retail accounts, the trade edition print run is lower than for most of our other Bujold novellas. We have enough orders to put the trade edition out of print, but have held back the last 25 copies for direct sale. Still new to her duties as Lady Vorkosigan, Ekaterin is working together with expatriate scientist Enrique Borgos on a radical scheme to recover the lands of the Vashnoi exclusion zone, lingering radioactive legacy of the Cetagandan invasion of the planet Barrayar. The Vorkosigan saga was the recipient of the first Hugo Award for best science fiction series in We're happy to let you know that Aliette de Bodard's new collection, Of Wars, and Memories, and Starlight , has just picked up its first trade review, which will push it closer to selling out by publicatoin.

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According to Publishers Weekly:. Richard Chizmar's twisty new thriller, The Girl on the Porch , is now safely at the printer. It's garnered some strong reviews, which we're delighted to share with you.

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Anthony Ryan's epic fantasy novella, A Pigrimage of Swords , continues to pick up strong advance reviews.