$10,000 Per Month In Consulting: An Interview With Sam Bowman, Nashville Marketing Consultant

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Glenn in considered one of the most dynamic and charismatic speakers of our times. He's was the Toney Robbins of the s. This interview is the fascinating real life case study of how a man with a physical disability, no money, and no confidence had the courage to build himself into a wealthy, greatly respected man who was, and still is a role model to thousands of people. But it is not just a rags to riches story. It contains valuable lessons in honesty, tenacity, humor, and respecting others you'll take to heart. Glenn Turner was born in in South Carolina to an unwed mother.

He was very poor.

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His mother's prenatal illness of scarlet fever caused Glenn to be born with a clef palate and a hair lip. As an infant, he had surgery in an attempt to correct these problems. Even so, his disability was always noticeable. He dropped out of school in the 8 th grade mainly because of the teasing about his hair lip by other children.

When he was only 17 years old, he had his father sign for him so that he could join the Air Force. Unfortunately, he was given a medical discharge one year later because it was discovered that he had a perforated eardrum. Upon exploring job opportunities, he was told that his outlook was bleak because he had no education. He was directed to and enrolled in an Opportunity School. This was a school for people who had dropped out of school or had never gone to school.

This school saved his life. It gave him the inspiration to complete school and the first boost of confidence in his life. Glenn eventually started selling sewing machines door to door. Because of his past experiences, Glenn didn't have much confidence at first. However, he was fortunate to have the ability to learn about sales from his manager who became his mentor.

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This mentoring relationship helped Glenn to be very successful. Glenn never forgot the importance of having a good mentor. In fact, he made a quarter of a million dollars just in his first eight months with Holiday Magic! Glenn reveals how he transformed from having little confidence to having the confidence of a master speaker and entrepreneur. It was called Koscot.

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Listen how Koscot was organized and how it ran. At the height of it's growth, Koscot was larger than Amway. Glenn developed a new company named Dare To Be Great because Koscot had a need for training materials and courses. Many Koscot salespeople left their distributorships and became involved with the Dare to be Great program.

People flocked to Dare To Be Great because they were fascinated with everyone's positive attitude and success. But as the laws developed, Glenn started being investigated for different kinds of illegal activities, including mail fraud. He subsequently worked with one of his former employees in the development of a new MLM, Challenge America. The company was investigated and Glenn was eventually charged with "aiding and abetting a pyramid. In this interview, you'll hear Glenn discuss his experiences in prison.

Glenn's real passion is teaching personal development and the importance of maintaining a positive attitude. He has written several books and estimates that he has sold seven million books and audio-tape programs in his career combined. Listen as Glenn gives advice on how to protect themselves. He says that he made the mistake of not protecting himself because he was always being honest.

Because of lawmakers and the legal system, simply being honest was not enough. This interview is an absolute gem! Glenn proves how a person can go from rags to riches and from ruin to recovery through the power of positive thinking and honesty.

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  4. If you don't have the right attitude before listening to any of the audio recordings on my site, they won't do you a bit of good. So the first thing you need to do to be successful is to get your attitude right. Because if you're not right on the inside, your not going to be right on the outside. Without the right attitude what you hear on hardtofindseminars. And I don't want that to happen to you. Life is short and I'd rather you not be wasting your time. This short nine minute recording is about how how to get your attitude right.

    It's about how to take back your mind. It's about believe and faith. Faith in your self. It's the shortest audio recording on my site, yet the most powerful. That's why it's first on this page. This message has been used to motivate thousands of people all over the world. It is recognized as one of the most dynamic motivational talks ever made. I hope it will inspire you to listen to many of my other audio recordings. I hope it will give you the courage to believe in your self. All the tools for success are here at hardtofindseminar.

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    This clip is nine minutes. The full version of this recording is 34 minutes. How did he do it? The businessman in this interview prefers to remain anonymous, so we'll call him Mr. He is not related to the Mr. X book sold by Jay Abraham. He's also a multimillionaire. It takes a tremendous amount of drive, determination and focus to get to his level of success, and in this interview, Mr. X tells us exactly what that means. Unlike many other businessmen, he isn't afraid to discuss the "nitty-gritty" elements of the business ladder. X, in order to be successful you've got to give "total response to it -- complete mind, body, soul, bones, bone marrow, and flesh, everything you've got.

    This is an honest interview with someone right smack in the middle of the business world. If you're looking for a sugarcoated version, this isn't the interview for you because Mr. X doesn't hold many things back. X will be the first to tell you that millionaires aren't made overnight, despite what some con artists may claim. It's not always easy, and it's not always pretty.

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    But he says it should be rewarding - in more ways than just financially. So sit back and learn what it takes to run a successful multimillion-dollar business from someone who knows. Here's your rare look deep into the mind and personality from this Jay Conrad Levinson Marketing Interview from the father of Guerrilla Marketing.

    Jay Conrad Levinson is the author of the best-selling Guerrilla marketing book series in history, Guerrilla Marketing, plus 30 other Guerrilla business books. His Guerrilla concepts have influenced marketers so much that today his books appear in 39 languages, and are required reading for many MBA programs worldwide.

    What the heck did I learn from being a consultant?

    Jay was the Senior Vice President at J. He writes a monthly column for Entrepreneur Magazine and articles for Incorporated Magazine. Here is what's in this interview.