Guide to Starting a business: tips on becoming successful and making money

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Think this idea might be for you? Your course can be self-hosted, or sold and hosted through online learning sites like Udemy and Lynda.

Real World Example: Fizzler John Corcoran of Smart Business Revolution has created successful courses on connecting with influencers and hosting webinars. He recently launched his latest course on finding and working with ideal clients.

How to Start a Business With No Money

People need software to solve their problems. In one of our Fizzle Founder Stories, Sahil Lavinga shares how he created Gumroad to help creatives sell their products directly to their audience. This business idea involves selling curated resources to your audience, usually at a significantly discounted rate.

Tips for starting a small business

Think Amazon only sells books? Think again! If you know your way around a gym, this might be for you.

As is the case with many time-intensive and skill-dependent activities, business owners, authors, and journalists alike often look to outsource the research portion of their work. One of the great things about the WordPress platform is that it allows independent businesses to develop and sell plug-ins that extend and expand website functionality. Animated videos are good for more than just Saturday morning entertainment. They can be used for product demos, sales videos, explainer videos and more.

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Amy Porterfield describes doing social media strategy for the one and only Tony Robbins in one of our Fizzle Founder Stories. Youtubers create videos or vlogs and build an audience through subscriptions to their Youtube channel. Real World Example: Fizzler Tom Morkes is a book launch expert whose consulting services have helped send books by folks like Dan Norris and Jeff Goins to bestseller status.

Life coaches work with their clients to help address personal challenges, make better decisions, and increase confidence and happiness. Real World Example: Fizzler James Mondry is a life coach who specializes in working with corporate managers. Facebook advertising can be extremely effective if a proper campaign is designed and implemented, but Facebook constantly shifts technology and advertising rules create a barrier for many business owners and marketers. Productivity experts help busy people gain greater control of their lives by teaching them basic productivity principals and a better understanding of technological tools.

Most website traffic is still driven by Google, which is why, despite constant algorithm changes, Search Engine Optimization SEO remains an in-demand skill-set. Real World Example: Liz Lockard is a small business marketing consultant who uses many tools including SEO to help her clients find more business online.

Colouring books for children and adults alike are huge right now. If you have the illustration chops, this might be for you. Fizzler Mary J. Winters-Meyers has tackled the adult colouring side of things with her site Coloring Books for Adults. Think flipping houses is the only way to make money flipping something? Purchasing websites, redesigning, and then selling them can bring in big bucks.

7 Ways to Start a Business Without Quitting Your Day Job

Putting on a conference, fashion show, or industry event is a lot of work. Are you a people person who enjoys the outdoors, leading groups, and travel the world or visiting popular spots in your city? Indie tour guide might be the business for you. Art is a big part of all of our lives, and many people are interested and willing to pay to learn how to become better artists.

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Real World Examples: Fizzler Elaine Luther helps people reconnect with their creativity through online and in-person art courses. Fizzler Paul Foxton helps realist artists improve their painting and illustration at Learning to See. Real World Example: Josh Shipp , a professional speaker featured in one of our Fizzle Founder Stories , runs a seven-figure business as a youths speaker. This can include blog posts, articles, books, and more.

16 Tips for Starting and Succeeding in Your Own Business

This business idea involves teaching people how to capture and share special memories creatively through digital scrapbooking. Real World Example: Fizzler Cassel has live classes, online resources, and forums for digital scrapbooking students at Scrapbook Campus. Andy Purdue has got the drinks covered over at Great Northwest Wine. This business idea is a unique opportunity for you to help people look and feel their best, and make a living doing it.

Kimonos , where parents can get all the best gear for the little Brazillian Jiu Jitsu fighter in their life. Serial entrepreneur Andreea Ayers is featured in one of our Fizzle Founder Stories and she got her start with an eco-friendly t-shirt company. Real World Examples: Fizzler Kate Ostrem runs 9 Open Doors , where she uses her expertise in Ennegram personality profiles to help teams and leaders thrive in their careers.

Real World Example: Nick is the 1 all time most prolific poster in the Fizzle forums, and his company iFind Property helps connect real estate investors in New Zealand with the right property, walks them through the purchasing process, and puts them in touch with the real estate professionals needed to build and maintain an investment portfolio.

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Building a great product or delivering a top notch service is only half the battle to creating a successful business, which is why many businesses hire expert consultants to supercharge their marketing campaigns. As a freelancer, you can designer, analyze, test, and upgrade software on your own terms. Many successful blogs have built audiences simply by reviewing existing products. This is a great business idea if you are an enthusiast in some particular area.

Real World Examples: Darren Rouse of Problogger got his start as a professional blogger by reviewing digital cameras. Our very own Chase Reeves has a side-hustle reviewing bags. If you know how to shred the guitar like Hendrix or smash those drums like Dave Grohl, a business offering online music training might be for you. Real World Example: Fizzle member Geoff Chalmers turned a successful career as a freelance bassist and bass teacher into a full featured online training community called Discover Double Bass. Start your two week free trial of Fizzle today to get access to all the founder stories and courses mentioned in this article, including our Choosing a Topic course.

Get a bit more in-depth on several of these business ideas. Start Your Day Free Trial. Fizzle is an all-in-one business building solution for people like you who want to create a profitable, sustainable, meaningful business. Fizzle membership includes a 9-stage step-by-step roadmap , plus the training, tools, coaching and community you need to succeed. Follow us:.

Self-funding vs raising money: pros and cons

Free Trial. Need direction in your business? Take the Fizzle Quiz zle In less than 2 minutes this quiz will show you where you're stuck and what to do about it. Is one of the ideas on this list right for you? Podcaster As the popularity of podcasts continues to grow, increasing numbers of podcast hosts and creators are finding ways to monetize their shows.

Much of the market research stage involves getting information about who your customers are and what they want or need. You can use a combination of focus groups, online surveys, and phone campaigns to evaluate your buyers. You can also run online ads or content and see what level of engagement they command. All of the findings from your market research will be a crucial part of your business plan. Regardless of which business idea you decide to pursue, a strong business plan is essential to successfully starting a small business.

Certainly, the idea of writing out a complex and detailed business plan might seem overwhelming, but luckily, there are a number of ways you can write your business plan—and you can complete the process by breaking it down into a handful of steps. At the end of the day, the best business plans are substantial enough to convey essential information that a lender, investor, or prospective business partner would need to know, and no longer than that. At its core, writing a business plan is about thinking through and answering difficult questions about your small business—questions that, when considered, will force you to contemplate the purpose of your business, the market you serve, and challenges you might not have thought of otherwise.

When done correctly, the process of writing your business plan will lead you to refine your initial idea into something much more resilient and clear, which promises future success. You can write out both a long and a short answer to this question—and then commit the short answer to memory. This is called your target market—the group of people whom your business is meant to serve. You might consider creating customer profiles to build a mental picture for you and your team members of the individuals you hope to do business with.